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Posted 4/6/2011 11:42am by Josh Bouchard .

For anyone interested, we are now making end of season Grade B.  This has a good, strong flavor to it.

I'm not sure how much longer the season will last, but I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now.  We're still getting sap and I'd expect it through this week.  I think we're close to 350 gallon of syrup produced this year and if we can keep going we might hit 400 gal.  This is a big jump up from last year's 83 gallon season.

Posted 4/3/2011 7:23am by Josh Bouchard .

We started making a good, strong tasting Grade B on Friday night for anyone who's interested.  We made 7.5 gal then and probably about the same yesterday. 

We have 500 gal to start the day today and whatever else is in the woods tank.  Depending on how much is in the woods tank will dictate when we start boiling, but I'd expect to be some time this afternoon.  We'll be open all day for tours and sales with the evaporator running later today.

Looking at the extended forecast, I don't know how much longer we'll go.  It's been a great, long season.

Posted 4/1/2011 9:29am by Josh Bouchard .

Who would've thought we'd get this in April.  Power's out at the house and the woods so I'm not expecting much for sap production today, so at this point I'm not expecting to be boiling tomorrow.  The sugar house will be open for tours and sales though.

The weather has cooperated all week and we've been getting 1000 gal of sap every day this week and I think we made another 60 gal this week alone.  We have plenty of syrup and are having a great year...really couldn't have asked for a better March.  The weather has stayed cold enough so we're still making a dark amber syrup.  Hopefully for everyone looking for Grade B syrup, we'll start making it soon.

Posted 3/29/2011 12:40pm by Josh Bouchard .

Now that it looks like the artic blast has worked its way through, we should be getting plenty of sap through this weekend.  Looking at the long range forecast, I don't see any reason why we'll be stopping any time soon.  The end of the week and into the weekend look great for some 24/7 sap runs...nights almost getting to freezing and day time temps not getting too high which would cause the trees to think about shutting down.  Lets see if we can finish the season strong.

The last batch of syrup we made was borderline Grade B.  I'm not sure if we'll dip to a B this week or not, but I'll keep everyone posted when we do.

Posted 3/26/2011 1:30pm by Josh Bouchard .

It got pretty cold  last night and not very warm today.  Yesterday we picked up a 500 gal load which gave us enough to get the RO running this morning.  We also picked up another 150 gal this morning (carryover from yesterday).  We got a pretty cold start this morning so the trees didn't start running until sometime early afternoon...surprised we're getting anything at all with how the wind feels. Because of today's temps, I'm not expecting much of a run today and I think tomorrow's sap run will get a late start.  I'm not expecting to get enough sap to start boiling until sometime late afternoon.  If anyone's interested in stopping in to watch us boil, I would call ahead and we'll have a better idea tomorrow. 

The sugarhouse will be open all day for tours.

Posted 3/24/2011 4:59pm by Josh Bouchard .

We've been getting plenty of sap this week with the weather conditions being about perfect.  Nice cold nights and the days have been just getting warm enough.  Tuesday we boiled off ~850 gallons and Monday was ~950 gallons.  I think we're pushing pretty close to my 20 gal of sap per tap goal which should be about an average season.  Looking at the extended forecast, the weather's great so I don't see any problem with going through March strong this year.

We'll be boiling tonight and maybe tomorrow night.  For the weekend, we'll be open all day for tours, to buy syrup, and etc.  We will not be starting the evaporator until the afternoon though so we have time to do maintenance work on the equipment and lines.

Posted 3/20/2011 6:31pm by Josh Bouchard .

We had a great weekend with a great crowd both days.  Yesterday we had a group from Isreal and another from Switzerland and today had some Graduate students from UNH who were from Guatemala and Spain and they studied fluid movement (I think) in trees.  Again we would like to thank everyone who came to visit our sugar house this weekend and hope to see you all in the future.

We apologize for anyone who came this afternoon when we had no more syrup available.  We have bottled up more syrup as of tonight. We will be making more cream and candy as we have time, but this may not be until after maple season since we boil almost every night.

Even with the warm temp's the past few days, we were able to collect enough sap to boil all day today. We got a good freeze last night and perfect weather for sap to flow.  We collected at dinner tonight to find our woods tank overflowing so it must've been a good day.  We're supposed to get another good freeze tonight, so it should run well tomorrow.  The extended forecast is looking very good through this week.

Posted 3/19/2011 8:10pm by Josh Bouchard .

We had a great turnout today.  Thanks a lot to everyone who came to visit our sugarhouse today.  It was great to see people we recognized from before and plenty of new faces.  I understand the Fire Department had a great turnout as well and would like to thank everyone for their contribution.

This bout of warm weather is throwing the trees for a loop, but they are still producing some sap.  Yesterday's near 70F day didn't help things, but the extended forecast is looking perfect to make plenty of syrup this week.

For everyone who came in looking for B grade syrup, We started making it this afternoon and have some on hand for sale now.  With the weather improving this coming week, we're expecting to go back to making dark amber, but as it starts getting warmer again we'll start making Grade B again.

We picked up another 500 gal of sap today and left another 100-150 gal in the woods, so we'll have plenty of sap tomorrow to boil for tomorrow's open house.

Posted 3/17/2011 11:41am by Josh Bouchard .

Been very busy, we've been getting buried in sap even with problems we've been having with our vacuum system.  We're not really sure what's causing it, but hope to have it figured out soon.  The RO is working overtime and has really saved us this year.  There's no way we could've processed all this sap without it. 

As of last night, our gallons of syrup produced per tap is better than all of last year and our gallons of sap collected per tap is almost as good as all of last year.  Keep in mind we should get almost another two more weeks out of the season, but we'll see where things end up in early April...knock on wood.

Lisa collected 500 gal this morning and the RO's running now.  We will be boiling tonight and unless we run out of sap storage, we will be holding tomorrow's run for Maple Weekend.  Tomorrow will be cleaning everything up and preparing for the big weekend.  Also don't forget the Fire Dept. will be having a pancake breakfast Saturday morning from 8-11am.

Posted 3/14/2011 7:54am by Josh Bouchard .

Well, the weather conditions for Thursday and into Saturday have been about perfect.  The low pressure, rainy front which moved in really opened the trees up and we've been flooded with sap.  I'll have to go through our log book, but I believe went processed about 3000 gallons of our own sap this weekend which is phenomenal for not having any freeze ups.  We basically just collected and processed in a weekend half of what we collected all of last year...not bad.

This week's shaping up to be a good week for runs and we should have plenty of sap for maple weekend.